• The Maachli Goa
  • The Maachli Goa
  • The Maachli Goa
  • The Maachli Goa
  • The Maachli Goa
  • The Maachli Goa
  • The Maachli Goa
  • The Maachli Goa

About The Maachli

Located in the beautiful Konkan area on the Goa – Vengurle – Malvan –Mumbai coastal highway. Our elegant cottages are on "The Historic Lands of Marathas" which include the Sindhudurg and Vijaydurg sea forts, verdant land of coconut & beetle-nut groves and spices and Mango trees. Our cottage, built up in eco-friendly environment offer you setting for an especially memorable Konkan vacation getaway.
The Cottages are conceptualized as Maachli which is traditional term for huts made on heights by farmers to safeguard the crop and water it. The Cottages are located in the beautiful village Parule.

Man gets connected to the bigger world by spending time in the nature. We get relaxed and rejuvenated by listening to the rhythmic sound of nature as wind scrapes its way through the leaves of trees.
Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravitational force through his sharp observation of nature. This is how, in the company of nature, seemingly unending confusion in mind finally comes to an end & real intelligence gets liberated. Thus it is very important to go closer to the nature to flourish creativity.
Man is part of nature. Due to civilization he has adopted artificial lifestyle but our relationship of blood with the soil is an age old.

Our main concept behind the project is to tune man’s cord with the nature, to make him/her feel relaxed, rejuvenated and energized, to stimulate his/her verve &vitality, to subside manipulated worries & relieve boredom of modern man who is often eluded by real happiness due to civilization, modernization, industrialization and professionalism

Facilities & Amenities at The Maachli :

- 24 hours, security service on the Romance Coco-huts Beach Resort
- Restaurants
- Sightseeing 

The Maachli Food: In our dining area called ‘PAVHNER’ ethnic food is served on banana leaves, ‘Patravali’ (leaf plates), which adds villageness to it. Earthen pots are used to serve food on table. Chool (Mud-stove) is used to cook food which imparts distinct flavor to the food. The vegetables are cut on traditional equipment called ‘adhalha’

The Maachli - Activities
Village tourism Activities
We take you through village society which is called “Avaath” to experience grand heritage of old style Konkani houses and superbly built mud houses. Friday is the day of weekly Bazaar (Market) where one can find different sellers selling local products and all villagers flocked at one place to buy the same. Guests can also learn The Ethnic Malvani cuisine with the company of host .Especially learn to cook food on mud stove and to cut vegetables on traditional equipment called ’adalha’.

Agro tourism Activities
Take farming experiences like watering trees, plucking coconut and mangoes, practicing climbing on trees, peeling coconut, taking out water from well ,learning to use ‘ Laath’ a traditional equipment to source water for irrigation. Know various plants, watch birds, butterflies, flowers and visit cowshed, feed cows and milk them. Visit nearby paddy fields in the rainy season and take part in the farming activities.

Nature Tourism Activities
Lush greenery, rustic roads flanked by fabulous mountains and beautiful trees give you feeling of being on different planet, miles away from hustle bustle of the city and leave you marveling at the glory of the nature. Stand in the beautiful natural water-stream in the farm and experience divine tranquility and abundance. Our place is paradise for enthusiastic bird watchers. Visit beaches, mangroves, back-waters, waterfall and preserved forest.

Cultural Tourism Activities
Konkan region preserves grand tradition of village rituals called ‘Gav –Rathi’. Each activity has significance in itself. We introduce you to such activities while being performed as per the schedule of the village. Guests have opportunity to explore magnificent temples and learn the architecture of the same. We occasionally organize activities like Brahman Bhojan(Ritual of offering food to god) and different local festivals.

Maachli - Site Seeing
Programme 1
Based on traveling around property and visit different spots.

Day 1
Evening -Visit Adinarayan Temple,an Ancient Sun Temple. Proceed to killeniwati and visit old fort and beach.

Day 2
Morning - Visit Vetoba and Ravalnath Temples where one can witness rituals performed as per the schedule of the village. Proceed to Lotus Lake and Mauli Temple at Village Pat. Visit Khavane beach where we can perform numerous activities like boat ride, fishing, and swimming(subjects to weather). Walk through
fishermen’s community and interact with them.

Evening - Take side walk on the bank of the Karli River and experience splendorous biodiversity of the nature. Visit ancient temple, built by Pandavas.

Day 3 
Morning - Proceed to forest which is preserved and not cut for centuries by local people. or Proceed to Sindhudurga fort.

Programme 2
Based on relaxing within the property and enjoy some activities within the farm.

Evening - Take stroll in the Farm and obtain information on different
medicinal plants and spices. Guests can have opportunity to plant trees
in the farm. After spending some time in different farming
activities, proceed to cow shed and milk cows.

Day 2
Morning - Go for nature trail and visit Banyeshwar Temple on plateau. Then proceed to visit Heritage House and make your way through the village society Called 'Avath'. After coming back spend some time in the water stream next to the Farm. Guest can take natural message performed by fish and have movements
full of luxury spreading legs in the water stream.

Evening - Visit Vetoba temple and Ravalnath temple where one can witness rituals
performed as per the schedule of the village.

Day 3
Morning - Take part in local way of cooking, especially learn to cut vegetables on traditional equipment and cook food on mud stove. Visit local school and understand the rural way of life.

Programme is designed by Maachli however if guest has his own itinerary in mind proper guidance is provided on request.

Maachli is nestled at such a place where guest can visit numerous places and enjoy nature for at least a week.


Accommodation at The Maachli :
Maachli means a cottage which is set up in the farm for stay and observations. It is used in the farm during irrigation process and cropping process. Maachli is the education place for children with the experienced elders in the family to learn the farming activities and process. During the farming time family stays in Maachli for days and days.
In Konkan, typical Maachli is surrounded by Coconut, Beetlenut Trees, Mango, Jackfruit, and Kokum (Tropical Fruit of Konkan) .It is set up in paddy fields as well to safeguard it. Around Maachli, one can also find various spices which are planted for day-to-day use. By staying in Maachli one is away from Urban Civilization and goes closer to the Nature by way of staying without modern habitudes like Air Conditioner, Televisions etc.

The air is conditioned innovative way by sprinkling water in the farm which maintains the temperature and adds freshness. The weather is always pleasant as the farm is dense. For entertainment we have wind which blows the whistle while passing through trees and birds add tune to it. Small Water stream through the farm makes it more interesting. While selecting space for Maachli it?s ensured that trees are not cut. Farmer understands that planted and well grown tree is cultivated generation before him and he needs to carry this for next.

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