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Wild Life Sanctuaries in Goa

Goa has rich and varied wildlife destinations. The rugged Western Ghats is a haven for many different species of birds and animals. The Western Ghats also known as the Sahyadris extend for a total of 600kms. Goa and the neighboring Karnataka account for the widest belt of forests along the Sahyadris. The Coastal areas provide the tropical backdrop. Goa Wildlife sanctuaries are a haven for herds of deer and gaurs (Indian bison), Malayan giant squirrels, clusters of monkeys, slithering cobras and pythons. You may be lucky enough to spot a few black panthers on look out for preys. Tigers and elephants are also common sights. Nature lovers, bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts find vibrant avenues in the Konkan belt to enjoy the varied wildlife. Goa is gifted with over 1512 documented species of plants, over 275 kinds of birds, over 48 varieties of animals and over 60 genera of reptiles. Few of the tourists know that one third of Goa is covered with rich forest and that it is one of the greatest reservoirs of biodiversity in the world.

Area:107 sq.kms, Sanguem
Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Santuary

Thick forests varying from moist deciduous to evergreen types can be seen here.

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Area:86 sq.kms, Canacona
Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is representative of the ecosystem of the Western Ghats region. Which is located on southern end of Goa abutting Karnataka.

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Area:8 sq.kms, Ponda
Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

It boasts of a Mini Zoo, Deer Safari Park, Formal Gardens, Botanic Gardens and Ecotourism Cottages.

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Area:1.8 sq.kms, Chorao
Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

This bird sanctuary is the abode of a myriad of bird species, both local and migratory

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Area:208.48 sq.mts, Sattari
Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary supports a rich variety of wildlife and covers much of the north-eastern portions of Goa

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Area: 211.05 sq.mts, Sanguem
Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary

It has swimming pools with slides. Waterfalls and fountains, Treehouses & walking tracks and much more.

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