About Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary - This sanctuary is representative of the ecosystem of the Western Ghats region. Which is located on southern end of Goa abutting Karnataka.Leafy trees of the moist deciduous type densely cover this area. Some of those are among the loftiest ones, attaining heights of about 30 meters.Though there are many animals, they are all scattered in small pockets at various spots inside the sanctuary. However, birds are aplenty throughout. About 200 species could be seen, including the Indian Pied Hornbill, Larger Golden Backed Woodpecker and the Great Indian Woodpecker.

The Nature Interpretation Centre at the sanctuary houses wildlife exhibits and a library, which are open to all visitors.

Things of Interest to Ecotourists:
•Dense Multistoried Forests with tall trees and rare plants where hardly any light reaches the ground.
•Perennial streams ( Talpona River) and picturesque undulating terrain with a variety of wildlife, a paradise for birdwatchers.
•Ancient Jeevothan Partagal Math noted for Vedic studies is in the vicinity of sanctuary. An ancient Banyan Tree here which covers vast area is a botanical miracle.
•Nature interpretation centre with exhibits and mini-library, which is a great source of information to the visitor.
•Watch towers, Water holes, Bhandaras, Salt licks for viewing animals. - The sight of wild animals moving casually in their natural habitat is a refreshing experience.
•The Bela lake, where one can relax in fresh air after a long promenade through the forests, amidst the sylvan serenity of wooded plains. The solitude tranquility, gentle breeze and stars spangled sky here are all enchanting beyond words.
•The tree top at Bhutpal - whose immediate environment affords a sylvan and peaceful retreat for body and mind- and wake to the tune of chirping birds and rustling leaves.
•Plantations with a host of variety of insects & butterflies.
•An exciting place for cycling and trekking, offers some of the finest vistas of the undulating terrain. 
Films on nature & wildlife on 16 mm screen.
•Gurgling Waters and Gathering Spots, ideal picnic spots or to laze.
•Early settlers living in their traditional ways, its distinct social and cultural life.
•The Famous temple of Parshurama, who according to the mythology created Goa, is situated opposite Forest Rest House.
•Turtle Nesting Sites at Galgibag & Agonda Beaches.
•Ancient temple at Kuskem is well worth exploring.
How to reach there :
By road from Panaji to Margao (32 kms) onto Canacona (36.8 kms) and further down for 7 kms on NH-17 up to Poinguinim. Then to the left at the entrance board of the sanctuary, is a small settlement from where the boundary of the Sanctuary starts. About 2 kms further is the sanctuary gate at Shish Val.
Where to Stay :
The Forest Department can provide accommodation in The 4 - bed capacity in Forest Rest House at Poinguinim (4 kms).


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