When it comes for a vacation, it makes you look out for maximum benefits from hotels, activity providers and operators, to optimize the holiday experience, especially, if it’s with your own family. We have a set of team members, who regularly visits new hotels, resorts, villas, weekend getaways and experience the services and activities in Goa. What more? The team members are specifically very particular about what they receive and make sure they get the best experience out of their holiday trip. Why we do this? Is because we want to pass on this experience and recommendation to our clients and guests so that it enhances their experience and in return, they appreciate our efforts to get them the best. Our team is based in Goa, and with some of them having 15+ years of experience, these recommendations are a sure way to get you the Best of Goa.

Top 3 Nature / Eco Getaways in Goa for your Weekend Vacation.

Gajanan Kerkar, our CEO, stays on one of the most beautiful island in Goa called Chorao Island, which is just about 8 kms from Panjim city. The island is surely a place to visit for nature enthusiasts as it has the famous Dr Salim Ali Birds Sanctuary and the largest Conservation Forest area in Goa. One would need to cross the ferryboat from Ribandar side to reach to this island which is a very pleasant and scenic journey. Being a nature lover himself, here are some of the best Weekend Recommendations in Goa from Gajanan for your next trip, especially if you are a nature fanatic yourself.

[ 1 ] Wildernest Nature Resort, enroute Chorla Ghats, North Goa.

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better..." says Gajanan, when it comes to this resort as it is his first and favorite eco-resort in Goa. The Wildernest Nature Resort, spread out over 450 acres of forest area has amazing and serene landscapes for all kind of nature devotees. The eco-cottages which are of two kind ‘the valley view’ and ‘the forest cottage’ offer a splendid holiday stay amidst the nature, where you get up hearing chirping birds, gorgeous view and windy leaves. What Gajanan likes about this resort is the famous infinity swimming pool, which is right at the edge of the cliffy hill, and offers a panoramic view of the Swapnagandha valley.

  • According to Gajanan, the Wildernest Nature Resort is more so for honeymoon couples, small families and for those who seek private space for themselves among the nature like creative writers, thoughtful minds and knowledge seekers. Wildernest also offers nature activities for the guests like trekking, bird watching etc.
  • The slope train, a newly added attraction at the Wildernest Resort is a fabulous experience for children and first time visitors. Wildernest also has recently introduced the private plunge pool valley cottages for couples.
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[ 2 ] Swapnagandha Valley Resort, annexure of the Wildernest Resort, at Chorla Ghats.

While Wildernest is an excellent option for honeymooners and serene seeking guests, Swapnagandha Valley Resort is a modern style of cottages crafted and designed especially for a nature stay with best view of the valley, for group of friends, large families and corporate business groups seeking rejuvenation and nature experience. Gajanan, usually books the Swapnagandha Resort for Office Weekend Trip. The resort is more sophisticated as compared to its counterpart which is about 2.5 kms away.

  • However, the guests can reach out for a visit experience during their stay to Wildernest. All adventure and entertainment activities are common for both the resorts. Swapnagandha has its own infinity pool, own restaurant with a bar and has a pottery demo / experience area for kids and adults who want to get their hands dirty with mother earth.
  • The infinity pool has a beautiful view of the Vajra waterfalls and it really feels you are amidst the clouds in the rainy season. It’s a must-visit resort if you appreciate nature and its landscapes. Swapnagandha consists of two type of cottages, Valley View cottages ( the older ones and the new designs) and a Private Plunge Pool Valley View Cottage. Guests have to book their stay in advance for a varied thrilling and exciting experience.
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[ 3 ] Dudhsagar Spa Resort, Mollem Goa.

Another personal favourite of Gajanan, is the Dudhsagar Spa resort, located right at the border of Goa, in Mollem. The mix of deluxe rooms and luxury nature tents gives a fantastic ‘close-to-nature’ feel, while there is so much more to do as well.

  • The Dudhsagar Resort consists of a wide spread out property with cottages, tents, rooms, a large swimming pool, a restaurant, a meeting hall and couple of adventure activities like the flying fox, zip line, walking on the rope, etc. Children and teens love the adventure part of it, which is absolutely safe and quite an experience.
  • Besides the above, the reason why Dudhsagar is one of our favorite is because of its close proximity to famous places like the Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Bondla Zoo and the heritage site of Shiva Temple at the Tamde Surla. Gajanan recommends atleast a 3 nights stay at Dudhsagar Spa Resort if you wish to experience the best.
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